Why Do We Spend So Much On Sports and Why Do We Love Them So Much?


Angela Ortega, writer

I always wonder why people love sports so much. I mean what is so interesting about trying to get some type of ball over, under, or into a goal. Why do Americans spend so much money on sporting events (including food, drinks, etc.)

According to Marketwatch, in 2017  Americans spent 100 billion dollars on sports and over have of that-56 billion to be exact- was spent on sporting events. When I say sporting events I’m talking about the tickets, transportation, food, snacks, drinks, and so much more.

So the real question is why do Americans love sports so much that they would spend billions, with a b, on soley sports? Well, I can’t answer that question, unfortunately, but I think ESPN could help.

According to ESPN, people love sports because they, in a way, “mimic life.” What they meant by this is you work hard to be in a sport and it pays off. You want to become a professional athlete you work everyday putting in extreme dedication and maybe eventually you will get there. So, this answered my question on why people love but not why they would spend extreme amounts on it.

I bet you if you ask any parent with a kid in sports how much that sport consumes their money it is probably going to be a pretty good amount and for what? Just so you can say “My son/daughter is on this sports team.” I mean I get it’s an honor to get on a team and stuff but why would the average parent pay 12,000 a year (1,000 a month) just so the kid could be on the team.  

Disregarding all of that though, did you know the average NBA athlete makes 5.15 million dollars a year, the average MLB 3.2 million, and MLS .16 million compared to a navy soldier who makes 58258.80  a year, average air force job at most about 84, 000/year, army is 35, 172/year, coast guard 109,00/year, and marine who makes 25, 614 a year. Why is the U.S. military, the people who save our lives by risking theirs, make a lot less than a freaking athlete? Some of them are out there getting shot at everyday saving these athletes and they make less? And it’s not just military that makes less it’s Doctors too. They average primary care doc makes 195 thousand a year and the average specialist 284 thousand a year. These doctors save people’s lives just like the military and still make less.

Still not convinced? The average 8 year medical school cost about 276,736 dollars.  And according to Educationalquest.org professional athletes don’t even need to go to school.

So, in conclusion, medical professions and military men and women need to get a raise or pro athletes pay earning should go down.