So, You Wanna Travel The U.S?


Rayven Stuart, Writer

The sun is shining bright in the baby blue sky, barely a cloud in sight. The sunlight beams through your car window, casting it’s warmth on you and your interior. The windows are down and the cool wind blows through your hair. You glance out your window at all the scenic mountain ranges and the clear sky, sighing to yourself with a smile. This may just be the best trip of your life.

It is many travelers dream to travel across the United States. It is fascinating to many people to get to explore the country and see such breathtaking views and learn about different cultures and customs and, not to mention, all the tasty food you can eat along the way. A lot of people often dream of traveling the country. So, why wont they do it?

Unfortunately, traveling is very costly. Think about all the money you’ll blow traveling the country on just food and gas, let alone the various attractions you plan to see along the way. It’s a money grave to even try traveling so far without the proper attention to expenses. How can you live your dream of traveling the U.S. without getting a big bite in the butt from high costs? Here are three ways to make your dream trip much more affordable and fun.

  1. Start Saving Young

Whatever you may be dreaming of doing now, start saving your money for now. This goes for more than just traveling. It’s understandable that kids at this age would go out and blow whatever income they just received. Money doesn’t grow on trees and, sometimes, that new iPhone is very tempting for all of us. We blow money just as quickly as we received it. However, starting a savings account (or just collecting money in a piggy bank) is a great way to start saving up for your dream. Having a savings account will benefit you very much in the long run, for you’ll already have a good amount of money saved when you get ready to get on the road. When you’ve found a career you enjoy and start making income off that, your job plus your savings will eventually make you a great deal of money to live your dream.


  1. Choose a Not-So Costly Route Based on Your Preferences

There are many different routes you can take to get from one side of the U.S. to the other. It is important to pick a route that abides by a person’s preferences. For example, if you wish to see more of the scenic side of the U.S. and not-so much for the food and expensive attractions you meet along the road, it is best to take a northern route for you can see many scenic areas such as the Rocky Mountains and the Cascade Range. However, if you are looking for more of an experience such as eating new food, trying new things, and spending your money on fun attractions, you may take a more southern route. Whatever route you pick depends on what you plan to spend your money on.


  1. Use Your Budget Wisely

To go along with number 2, there a few ways you can spend your money wisely. It depends on what you plan on spending your money on. When you make your travel plan and you’re looking to sight-see rather than spend money on pricey attractions, you’ll be able to buy a lot more when relating to gas, restaurants, toll booths, stores, and a lot more. However, if you choose to spend a great deal of money on one attraction, you should choose to eat at not very expensive places and shop at not very expensive stores.


So, are you ready to get on the road? Don’t get too excited yet. You’re still a kid! You have time to let your parents blow their money on you before you blow your own yourself. Keep saving your money and keep dreaming and one day, you will be cruisin’ the roads.