Chaffin’s 9th Grade Basketball Team – Holler For Braxton Waller !!


Trista Truong, Writer

Braxton Waller is a freshman and plays for the Chaffin 9th Grade Basketball Team. He has played for the school since seventh and eighth grade year. Braxton is known as #32 on the court. Not only is he a good player on the court, he is a good person off the court. “I think Braxton is a very kind, smart, and considerate guy who cares a lot about the sport. I also think he is very passionate about everything he cares about and others before himself,” says one of his classmates. To have good sportsmanship, you need good people skills and Braxton has both!

There is no point in playing a sport if there is no motivation. Every athlete has something to motivate them to play. Whether it’s beating the other team, or doing better than the last game, there is always something that makes them want to continue to do what they enjoy. For Braxton, his motivation is his grandpa. He wanted to play for the school because, “my grandfather really liked basketball and just playing for the school is fun.”

Just like many other sports, you need a team. The relationship between an athlete and his teammates is crucial to a successful team. Braxton is very close with his team and they are all good friends. Not only that, Braxton has many fans. “My mother, father, grandma, and grandpa are always at my games. My sister, aunt, and godmother come when they can as well as my friends from Chaffin at home games.” Braxton sure has all the support he needs!

Braxton is looking forward to the tournaments ahead and is very excited to face all the challenges with his team by his side. His team is very good at running and shooting, but they need to work on their lack of practice. They hope to win championships and be undefeated. With hard work and determination, his basketball team can achieve many things in the future.

Basketball is not an easy sport. It’s not just running with a ball and throwing it in the net. It takes accuracy and precision. It also doesn’t help the fact that there are numerous pairs of eyes on you. Braxton feels pressured when he is shooting. Who can blame him when there are many people depending on him? However, Braxton is very good at running the floor and passing. He feels like he needs to work on dribbling and shooting among many other things.

When I questioned Braxton about the hardest part of basketball, he replied, “The hardest part about playing basketball is the decision making part. You only have so much time to decide if you are going to shoot or pass and if you wait too long, you will get blocked or the pass will be stolen.” That makes others sweat just thinking about it. There is nothing to worry about because Braxton has been playing since the first grade and is a pro on the court!

It might be a lot of pressure to play in front of so many people. It is also scary to think about all the people depending on you, but one thing for sure is he knows what he is doing. Wherever he runs, we run with him. Wherever he shoots, we shoot with him. Wherever he scores, we score with him because getting Braxton Waller on the team was definitely a three pointer!