Jessica Kantola, Guest Writer

On October 26th Chaffin jr High went to Bentonville High school, leaving at five thirty in the morning, to audition for the all region orchestra. The orchestra had been working hard for months on end, since the third quarter of the last school year, to prepare for this. Obviously the hard work paid off.

Chaffin had the most students qualify for all region out of any school in the region, beating our closest competitor, Ramsey, by five people. Last year 22 students placed high enough to play in all region and 21 the year before. While this year 64 people from Chaffin auditioned to be in the orchestra and 27 of us made it. That is roughly a 42% success rate. Mr. Pinkston said that is very good, and can’t remember a recent year that we had done that well.

If you’re not in orchestra let me explain how the audition process works. You are given several short pieces the year before, and a few scales. In eighth or ninth grade you are allowed to voluntarily sign up to go and audition. Of those pieces they pick small sections for you to play for the judges, and one scale. In ninth grade you have to sight read (or play it without practicing first.

You compete with kids all over the northern region of Arkansas for a place in the orchestra. You only know what you’ll be playing when you get to all region. When you arrive at the school they post a couple of small sections, and the scale you will be playing. You are given time to practice and eventually you will audician in front of a couple of judges, they will not know who you are or what school you go to. If you make it you get to travel to play with the all region orchestra.

On November ninth we headed up to play in the orchestra and had a great time. We spent the night up there and all of the orchestras that played were amazing. Below there are some pictures from the trip that we took

Congratulations to the students who made it!

Cadet (8th grade)                    

First violin section

1st chair – Iana Perry

3rd chair – Jessica Kantola

6th chair – Yen Chen

15th chair – Jason Hernandez

16th chair – Andrea Ortega


Second violin section      

5th chair – Andrew Diaz  

6th chair – Zain Ranad    

8th chair – Hunter Mendoza     

9th chair – Nancy Folgar



2nd chair – David Davies

3rd chair – Mackenzie Howald

6th chair – Isabelle Brown

7th chair – David Rotaru

9th chair – Eli Thomas

12th chair- Arianna Ruiz



5th chair – Jewell Callahan

6th chair – Lance Roffine

7th chair – Caleb Wachob

8th chair – Yan Li



1st chair – Isabella Garcia

8th chair – Jacob Reeder


Concert Orchestra (9th grade)

Second violin section

15th chair – Sarah Emmons            

18th chair – Trennan Shepherd



2nd chair – Callie Shannon



5th chair – Jedidiah Lightner



6th chair – Macie Horton

9th chair – Tristan Ball