Racism Around the World

Tarheaq Thomas and Kenzie Kilgore, Writer

Racism is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but many people don’t really understand or know what it’s like to be in the position of someone who gets treated wrong or joked about just because of the color of their skin or what they believe in. Racism is not just something that happens in some places it happens in all places all over the world.

Some people even shame their own race just because of the intensity of their skin color or the things they worship. Racism is never okay, but especially not if your talking about your own race or culture that you are part of. Racism has lead to many deaths of young and old people all around the world just because the way someone looks. The problem with racism has even caused mass genocide going from the rise of slavery because the white man did not believe that Africans were human. All the way to how Adolf Hitler did not think Jews were worthy of living, so he decided to murdered 17 million Jewish people.

In 2012 an African American teen named Trayvon Martin was fatally shot in Sanford, Florida. He was shot because he had an altercation with George Zimmerman. He was shot because George thought Trayvon was breaking into a gated community. He thought this because of his skin color, when he was really just trying to go back to his step mom’s house. George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin had a struggle and then Trayvon was shot in cold blood.

A lot of people don’t actually understand the problem about racism. Racism is a huge issue in this country, so we asked a few people who have experienced it first hand.

One such person is Boushra Raache, a 9th grade student here at Chaffin Junior High. She believes that racism does exist in this country, and it is definitely a problem in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Boushra has experienced discrimination herself and had some things to say, “A lot of people stare, and look disgusted by me.” She stated that she didn’t know what to do about racism because it already has gone too far. Boushra has gone on many vacations, and every time she has had “random security checks” which she knows is not random if they happen every time.

Another student who has experienced racism is Tarheaq Thomas who strongly believes that racism exists where he lives. He knows it happens, just because the color of someone’s skin. Tarheaq said, “I think people should be more unbiased and shouldn’t judge people by their skin color, but by their actions.” He has even experienced discrimination himself, when he was in seventh grade another student came up to him and asked him how he felt being a n****

It is just awful that people feel it is ok to say something like that to another human being. The only reason people have different skin tones is because of how much melanin someone has in their body. Melanin is a dark brown or black pigment that occurs in the hair, skin, or iris of an eye. It is responsible for tanning skin when exposed to sunlight. If people were just kind to everyone than everyone would be much happier.

Many people believe racism does exist in Fort Smith one example happened very recently. There was a Halloween costume contest at a local bar where the winner was dressed as a member of the “Ku Klux Klan”. The “Ku Klux Klan” was a secret hate group mostly based in Southern U.S. several years after the Civil war, the group aimed to suppress the rights of black people. It’s terrible that now after all this time there is still that same amount of hate.

Racism is not something to joke about, and should not occur in society today. Even though it is wrong it still is happening in many places. It is not kind, and can hurt people in many ways. Everyone should be treated equally, and have equal rights. Keep your community safe and stop the hate.