Is Dance As Relevant As Cheer?

Paige Christenberry, Writer

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We all know what dance is, but do we know truly how difficult it is? Is dance as good as cheer? Is it better? These are the question we will be wrestling with throughout this article.

It’s no secret that cheerleading is more popular than dance when it comes to school. It is also no secret that cheerleading is one of the most controversial sports there is. Because of this, dancers are often completely ignored. Dancers work hard, and being on a dance team requires confidence and teamwork. Cheerleading often overly sexualizes women, and often young girls, whilst dancing teaches them self-empowerment and confidence.

Think about it, when you, yes you, as a person, think of cheerleaders, what comes to mind? Makeup, small skirts, bows, and high ponytails, something along these lines, correct? Cheerleading feeds off of the knowledge that pretty, skinny women will get the attention of men. “ACTually Paige, there are some plus sized cheerleaders” you may argue, and SOME is the keyword there. Every plus sized cheerleader I’ve ever seen stands in the back and is always covered by the other cheerleaders.

Now, you may be asking yourself why I’m rambling about cheerleading. Isn’t this article about dance? To that I have to say, keep reading.~

Whilst cheerleading tells women to flaunt their body and sends the dangerous message to children that females can only flaunt their body, dancing sends many positive messages. On stage, dancing to the beat of the music is a wonderful, empowering feeling. Now, whilst cheerleading holds a bias toward small females, dance includes everyone. Myself personally, I could name about five men off of the top of my head that dance, but I couldn’t name one that cheers.

The point of this rambling article is to show that, in my opinion, of course, I must add that so people do not become upset, is that cheerleading is sexist and is far from diverse. Cheer does its best to make women, and children, look like objects for enjoyment. Dance, however, is very diverse does not objectify women or girls like cheer does; therefore, I believe that cheerleading should either get itself together or step aside and let dancers show them what it’s like to be equal.

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