Does Math Equal Money?

Does Math Equal Money?

Rainey George

Math is something that most students dread about their day. At least once every has thought will I ever need to use this again in my life. Most students think that math is a waste of time and pointless. However, their are dozens of jobs that require math and most aren’t the ones you would have originally thought. These can includes jobs that never would’ve been associated in the average person’s mind as math related. These jobs range from robotic engineer to astronomer.

Doctors and nurses are one of the most sought after jobs by students. However, students often fail to realize that math is heavily required in everyday actions of them. One things that require math in this job is prescriptions that doctors or nurses may write. They have to use algebra to figure out what amount of the prescription a person should take. They also use math when doing an x-ray or cat scan.  They must use math to draw up success rates for certain treatments.

Another highly requested job among student requires math. Both animators and game designers use math everyday. trigonometry is used regularly to help  the designers rotate and move characters. Algebra is also used to create many special effects that help the designs stand out. Game designer must also use math. Even game board designers need math for many things. Almost every task they do requires some sort of math. This make it harder to go into exact details.

A job that many would consider simple requires large amounts of math. Photography is something that requires a large amount of algebra as you must add sums of shutter speeds and other factors to figure out how to take the perfect image. It also requires very quick thinking as the perfect image may last for mere seconds before becoming a bland background.

Finally a career that has been pushed upon students by an uncountable amount of teachers. Computer programmers use an incredible amount of math. They use math to help solve problems that may be caused through simple or complex computer errors. They actually need a very large amount of flexibility on their math skills.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. In the business industry math does make money.