The Charmer Little Girl Clinic


If you have gone to any football or basketball games you have probably seen the Chaffin Charmers perform. However, their most recent game on December 11 was a little different. There were around 20 girls from preschool to sixth grade that were performing with the Charmers.

On Saturday all of the Chaffin Charmers helped teach little girls a dance that they would perform the following Monday at a Chaffin basketball game. The girls spent three hours on Saturday morning learning and practicing the dance, along with playing duck-duck-goose and eating cookies. This is the first time that the Charmers have ever done a Little Girl Clinic like this, and it was a lot of fun for everyone.

On Monday at the basketball game all the Charmers helped prepare the little girls for their dance, and gave them a t-shirt that they got to perform in. Then, when all the Charmers and future Charmers went on the court they nailed their dance!