Career Development, Teaching People in Every Way Possible.

Career Development, Teaching People in Every Way Possible.

Kenzie Kilgore, Writer

Imagine you are 14 years old and have no idea what you are going to do when you graduate. Many teenagers are struggling with what they want to become. There are so many options for careers that many people don’t know about. Students may think they can be a nurse, doctor, or teacher but there are so many great opportunities.

Career Development is a semester class that is supposed to help students learn what they want to be as an adult. This class is helpful for people who are going to stick with the same job for the rest of their life. In this society now, jobs are changing all the time, people are changing and their interests are too. Nowadays people don’t usually stay with the same career and that can be challenging even if you have someone guiding you through your options.

Just think it’s hard for some people to choose what they want out of two options, but students are having to choose a career out of hundreds of options. That’s why taking career development is a good choice for students, because even though it might not tell them what career they should pursue but it does give them an idea of what they want.

In Career Development students take aptitude tests, make websites, and do activities to help them grow as a person. This class is extremely helpful and is a great way to help people find a topic for a career goal. Many students need this path so they have an idea of what might seem interesting to them.

With how the world is changing, many jobs are geared towards computers and technology. There are still jobs out there for people who don’t want to work in a technology field. Since people are trying to teach students more about technology they might not teach how to put yourself out there for a different type of job. This is challenging because students who want to go into a different field might not know how to get a job.

Finding a career is tough, but taking Career Development can help students make a good, and safe career choice. It can help people discover what they want to become and what they should do with their life. Now there will still be those few people who are just lost, but maybe,  just maybe it planted a seed.