Band Concert Assessments

Trista Truong, Writer

On Tuesday April 2, the Chaffin Cougar Band traveled to Greenwood for Band Concert Assessments. Band Assessment is an event where bands from different schools perform three pieces for judges. The judges will give a score for the band, a 5 being the lowest and a 1 being the highest. The band has to work hard to perfect their pieces of music and hope for straight 1’s at assessments.

The Chaffin 9th Grade Band received straight 1’s and a 1 in sight reading. We were ecstatic! Our band does not have very much confidence in ourselves. After performances, it was normal for us to make remarks like “We suck!” or “We sounded so bad!” It felt nice to know that we are not as bad as we think we are.

When our band director delivered the good news, our jaws dropped. I didn’t know if we should be happy or confused. It kicked in that we actually did that! After all of the long and difficult rehearsals, it definitely paid off. And we couldn’t be happier.