Hit the Right Note in Choir

Hit the Right Note in Choir

Jess Minnick, Writer/Photographer

Choir. It has music. It has friends. Most of all it has the thing that I the love most, singing! If you love singing too, choir is the place for you. Choir is so exciting. You learn new songs, sometimes in different languages. You even get to try out for the voice part you want.

Choir is not just for girls; it is for boys too. There are a lot of different choir classes at Chaffin. 7th grade goes to Beginning Women or Men. This is the class where you learn rhythms of the music, basic choir skills including dynamics, crescendos, breathing techniques, and how to pronounce words in pieces of music. Eighth and Ninth grade girls can either be in Advanced Women or Chamber. Advanced Women is the 2nd highest option for girls in choir. Chamber Women is the highest along with Concentus Men. In Chamber and Concentus (for guys), they learn more challenging pieces of music, more independent work, and they might go to All Region. All Region is a competition for all the choirs in the Fort Smith Region. At All Region, you audition with your music, in front of three or four judges who can’t see who you are. After you audition in Clarksville, you can just hang out with your friends, or you could go home. You don’t get your results until the next day if you made All Region or not. All Region can be scary, I know from personal experience, but it is also very enjoyable.

There are a lot of other great things in choir, including the concerts you do, and the places you go. There are two concerts each year. The concerts consist of all the choirs, and vox. Vox is a special choir group where 10-20 students get together before school and sing different songs than the regular choir groups. A new thing this year is that Vox is singing the National Anthem at Home Volleyball games, at Chaffin. Another interesting thing about choir, is if you’re in Chamber or Concentus, you go on October 2nd to an event called The City Choral Festival. At the choral festival, you go to a church and sing with girls or guys from the other schools in the area that have the same voice part as you all day. Then at the very end of the day, all the girls from Junior Highs sing their songs and same with the guys. Then the highschoolers sing their songs.

The next thing that comes after the City Choral Festival is the Southside Highschool Madrigal Dinner. The Madrigal Dinner is so fun, and you get to experience a lot of marvelous events that occur. At the Madrigal Dinner, you are seated at a table with your choir, and you get your own scroll with your name at the top and your menu for the dinner. Then Southside Choir sings you songs around your table. The Madrigal dinner is so fun and I would definitely recommend it. One of the most entertaining things is at the end of the year when we go to Silver Dollar City, or Magic Springs. These trips are so fun, because you get to hang out with your friends, ride the rides, and you get to stay there all day long. I’m pretty sure it will be the best day of the school year.

In the summer you think Choir is over and you won’t sing again till next year. WRONG! Each Summer, there is the most amazing camp you could ever go to. ACC CHOIR CAMP!!!! ACC stands for Arkansas Choral Connection. Next year will be my third year there. Choir camp is a place where you will meet some of your best friends, the best counselors you could ever have, and the most amazing directors that teach you your songs. Every year Choir camp has a theme. This year is going to be 90’s themed. At choir camp, you have different activities you do every day and night. The activities include: movie night, game night, a talent show, and other days where you wear specific outfits. Choir Camp is always the highlight of my summer, so I think you should join Choir so you can experience it too. A life without choir would be unimaginable. Choir isn’t just a class, it is a family. Life is a song, so sing it loud!