J.H, Writer

FBLA- Future Business Leaders of America.

“A World Of Opportunity”

Anybody can join FBLA, all you have to do is fill out a membership form and pay 10 dollars to Mrs. Billingsley. She would prefer anyone who wants to join to join by October. Normally 20-25 students join FBLA every year. Here are some cool things you might want to know about FBLA.

FBLA in Chaffin is practically the opener for FBLA in High School. Mrs. Billingsley is preparing members for Dr. Kelly Todd in South Side High School.

In past years, FBLA have been to competitions. They do Website and Coding competitions. Mrs. Billingsley doesn’t just believe each member and anyone else has potential she knows it. She says, “Any student has the possibility to make it to nationals in the future.”

This years goal is to fund raise T-Shirts to give to charity. They are hoping to sell all of their T- Shirts this year. Let’s help the FBLA Team and buy their school merch! All the money goes to places like the Salvation Army.