Books Between Friends


Raelynn Garibay, Writer

Have you heard about book club? Well if you haven’t listen up. Book club starts September 10th, which is on a Tuesday. Trust me you will not want to miss the opportunity to join this club! Mrs. Macy and Mrs. Russel are the sponsors for the book club. Even so, they both want the club to be student-led.

 The students will be able to pick the type of setting for the club, they will get to pick whether the club is before or after school. Mrs. Macy received two grants, one from the Fort Smith Public School Foundation, which she got $1000 dollars and she also received one from FSEA (Fort Smith Education Association) for $500. By adding all those up she received $1500. The name of the book club is “Books between Friends” same as the grants. Books between friends isn’t just for big readers it is for everybody!

 One of the best parts of books between friends is that people who come to 10 or more meetings are going to have a nightclub at Books a Million or Bookish. Depending on how many students there are students will get to pick out a book to buy for the book club that they will donate back to the club. If there are a lot of kids, there will be a lottery to pick which students get to buy a book. Mrs. Macy and Mrs. Russell are going to try to have one or two night clubs every quarter depending on membership.

 One thing that will probably excite most of you is that if a movie comes out about a book the club would go watch that movie. Again depending on how many students there are some people’s tickets might be paid for, or they will draw names. There will be snacks for students at the meetings.

Most decisions will be made on the first meeting which again is at 7:30 the morning of Tuesday, September 10th. Mark you calendars people, you will want to be part of this club. The club will even play games with the books! Wondering what kind of games? You’ll just have to come to the meetings to figure out. The first meeting is before school on Tuesday, September 10th!

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