All About FCA

Madi Tyler, Writer

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If you want weekly encouragement and a way to make new friends, then FCA may be the club for you! FCA is a club here at Chaffin, meaning Fellowship of Christian Athletes. You can further your relationship with Christ, and have a good time in the short thirty minutes that meetings are held. 

FCA is run by Coach Pogue every Thursday morning before school in the gym, from 7:30-8:00. Sometimes the meetings can include games, a speaker from a local church, and donuts for breakfast! These speakers often talk about you can bring your faith into school and show it to others. Anyone can come and listen, whether you’re actually athletic, or not. 

Scared you won’t know anyone? Just invite a friend to come with you! FCA is welcoming towards all people and would love to have more join. In conclusion, FCA is a great club to join, so give it a try. And remember, invite your friends to come too!