2019 – 2020 Charmers


Mackenzie Howald, Writer

 Charmers is the dance team at Chaffin Junior High. The incoming 7th graders who would like to join the Charmer team would get to try out for the dance team on the first week of March. You would learn the dance for 3 days and perform Friday after school. That night you will receive an email saying if you made the team. When you have made the team you get to go over to a sleepover with all of the other girls that made the team. Charmers is so fun and exciting because you learn new things every day. 

Some of the benefits of being on the Charmer team include getting to meet new people and making friendships. Also, each charmer will have a ̈Charmer sister ̈ where you get to exchange gifts every so often. We get to do fun games with the team, called team bonding. Some things we have done is that we have gone to the movies together to watch a movie. Sometimes the team does fun team bonding games at the end of practices that always bring the team closer together.

It is always so fun to learn new dances with Jordan, our coach. Even though we practice until it gets to perfection, you always know how much effort was put into the dances. All of the team’s fun energy spreads to everyone else and it gets us so excited. When it’s game night and it’s time to perform out on the field, you always get so nervous and pumped up. But, when you have finished the dance, you always get this great feeling that you know you have hit and the team mastered every formation. When you start to walk off the field and the crowd is roaring it’s the moment when you know we rocked it out on that field.

Charmers is an opportunity to become a better dancer while making new friends, and having a great time. The memories you have from being on the dance team is like no other, but the thing is, even though you know every move and they’re really great, there will always be room for improvement. 2019-2020 Charmers.