What Student Council Does For Us

Marissa Goodwin, Writer

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Student Council is very important. This is because they make a lot of decisions for our school. This year our student council is made up of amazing people. Our President is Izabelle Simonian, Vice President is Alli Atchley, Secretary is Isabelle Low, and our Social Media coordinator is Charlotte Wood. These people really make our council one of the best. As a whole the council helps share ideas and concerns with the teachers and the principal. They also plan activities such as events and school dances.

I interviewed our president Izabelle Simonian about the things that are going on in student council and what we should expect for the upcoming year. She said that we should expect a clear bullying campaign. This is so we can raise more awareness for the people who are being or have been bullied. She stated, “I really want to spread awareness about bullying because lots of people have experienced bullying in their lifetime and it is a very serious topic.”

Izabelle will be saying announcements on the intercom, running the council meetings and deciding activities we they are going to be doing. She enjoys being president and looks forward to helping out the school. Izabelle also is excited to be a leader in the council and making decisions that will help benefit and impact our school in a good way. She is ready to be a role model to the school.