Benefits of playing Tennis

Samantha Warren, Writer

There are many benefits of playing Tennis. Tennis is a great sport to be involved in. There are many benefits and fun factors in this sport. You can play with your friends and family, you can get good exercise, strength and agility, and it has good physiological benefits.

Tennis is a good social activity as well as a good physical sport. You can play with your friends and family as well as maybe your coach or if you have a private tennis trainer.  Tennis can be a super competitive sport and I have a friend that plays it and he loves playing with his friends but it is a lot of hard work for him is what he was telling me. He says that you have to work hard and practice a lot but he enjoys it.

If you want a sport that is very physical and helps you gain strength tennis is definitely a sport for you. You have to be in good shape and drink plenty of water in order to play this sport because you are in the direct heat a lot and your jumping around to hit the ball for several hours at a time. This is really tiring, but a healthy sport and it is good for you brain and makes you physically in good shape.

This sport helps reduce stress. Tennis is a very physical sport and it is proven that being active helps to reduce stress. After a good tennis session your muscle tension is usually lowered therefore it makes you feel more relaxed and less stressed. Also when people play sports they usually feel better about themselves if they are doing good so that can help with anxiety.

Tennis is an overall fun sport and can help you be fit and healthy. But, this sport takes a lot of practice and the will to do it. I encourage you to try tennis if it is something that interests you.