What is CBA?

Izabelle Simonian, Writer

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CBA, also known as Computer Business Applications, is one of the few high school credit classes we have to offer here at Chaffin.  Not only will this class prepare you for the future, it helps give a bigger understanding of the business side of computers. The teacher of this class, Mrs. Billingsley, stated that she wants to teach students the ins and outs of applications. If you are proficient in Word or any other application, there is a better chance of being a more respected candidate when you are looking for jobs in the future. 

Mrs. Billingsley has been a teacher for 14 years, and has taught CBA for 8 years. She originally started out as a Social Studies education major, but struggled to connect with the “why” students had to learn it. She went back to school, got her Master’s degree in Business, and started teaching business classes. CBA was one of the courses she taught and that is what was offered at Chaffin.  Billingsley said that business is the real world, and that she could apply that “why” question while teaching business, which would help her students be stronger outside of school.

If you enjoy working with computers and learning all about technology, this is definitely a recommended class for you. You learn so much about the applications and technology needed for life outside of high school, including college and jobs. This class is available to take in the 8th grade, with AP Computer Science being the next class that you can take in 9th grade. Do not hesitate with the opportunity of this amazing class and sign up now!