GATE Projects Impact the Community


Aidan Everhart, writer

“We do a lot of stuff. Wow, I should get paid more,” Mr. Minor says jokingly. But he’s not wrong the GATE team has a lot in store for this year. They’re already working on a project! The Chaffin GATE team are currently creating a band. That sounds really fun! 

GATE has some exciting things coming up. They are going to do a service project sponsored by “Lead for Change.” They might make blankets for the homeless or another community service.

GATE is also involved in quiz bowl. Quizbowl tryouts for 9th and 8th grade are this Thursday, the 5th, and for the 7th graders, it is next Tuesday, the 10th. Mr. Minor and Mr. Hoopes are the teacher sponsors. They will also be involved in robotics.

Some other projects that GATE will be doing in class are a meteorology unit, science bowl, entrepreneur project, and they will be doing a showcase. All of these sound really fun!