How Art Class is Good For Students


Bry French, Writer

When a student is in school they go to each class and expect to know the right answer, but in art class, there is no correct answer. In art class, you have to express things, plan and create. 

During your typical school day, a student has to use the right side of your brain, the side in control of your logical thinking, for most classes, but in art class, you must use the left side of your brain, which is not typically used. 

This gives you a chance to make a good grade and it takes the pressure off about if you’re doing it correctly or not. Not all students are enthusiastic about art though. 

Some students are passionate and will put all of their efforts into the project they are currently working on, whereas other students may drag their feet because they don’t feel as strong about art, but most are excited to share what they made or using new skills

Art class may contain many students, but not many students participate in art competitions. Our art class teacher Ms.Frost makes it a point to let her students know that competitions are available. 

Competition is good for a student, it can help relieve the stress that most students may have. Art class takes the pressure off of students and helps them express thoughts and emotions.