Life of President, Tu Nguyen, of N.J.H.S.

Emily Linthavong, Writer

National Junior Honors Society has a huge important impact on any student’s future. Whereas, Tu Nguyen joined and became president of the organization at Chaffin Junior High. There are however many obstacles that Tu presents.  

Instead of running for the other office positions, Tu wanted to become president so she could make an impact and inspire small or large groups of people to do the same as her. Nguyen’s point of view on why the National Junior Honors Society is important is due to that the organization gives students recognition for their hard work, giving them benefits such as resume boost and at the same time, responsibility like volunteer hours. Which is what N.J.H.S. is all about, giving students recognition for their outstanding work throughout middle school and high school. 

Speaking of good grades, responsibility, etc., Tu is currently taking AP World History. Her thoughts on the class are that even though it is seen tough, she hopes to finish the class with high grades at the end of the year. To get that high “A”, Tu is taking her time to read more often and relate to the history and cultures assigned to improve her ability to process the information in class. The only subjects she struggles with is history. Funny how she is taking AP World History. Nguyen believes history is interesting but at the same time, full of information and aspects that can be viewed under. To get good grades, Tu states, “…be responsible to your school work and be willing to spend extra time studying on your own.” She also believes good grades matter due to they are somewhat representative of her learning ability at school. 

Enough about school, Tu has been taught and plays the piano for seven years and still enjoys playing to today. In addition, Nguyen participates in the school’s Quiz Bowl and Science Bowl. They were all so talented and smart that they receive a full-paid trip to Washington D.C. in 2018 to compete nationally for Science Bowl! All the way to Chicago from Arkansas for the nationally Quiz Bowl was also fully paid for Tu and her team! On a different note, Tu was born on the 25th of September and has a younger brother in the fifth grade. When Nguyen gets older, she wants to attend either the University of Pennsylvania or Stanford. She wants those colleges because firstly, UPenn offers some of the world’s best programs in economics and business. Secondly, Stanford due to the school’s reputation would give her the opportunity to work with some of the best corporations globally. Speaking of the future, Tu dreams of being a successful investment banker working at Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan Chase. She wants to be an investment banker because of the highly competitive environment with well-paid jobs that allows her to travel, but enjoy stress at the same time. She also wants to contribute to the economy of the nation or world, creating wealth and improve the social lives of people.

The National Junior Honors Society is seen as important to a student’s impact and future throughout life. National Junior Honors Society is an organization that recognizes outstanding students. That being said, Tu Nguyen, president of the National Junior Honors Society at Chaffin Junior High, is a great example of what NJHS is all about.