All about Tinker Tuesday!


Abigail Barnett, Writer

Have you heard of the club called Tinker Tuesday? Well if you haven’t here’s why you should look into this awesome club.  Tinker Tuesday is a student-led group, where you get to play with spheros, robots, hydraulics, and even fly kites. Also if you like 3d printing, coding, and snacks this club is just for you. Tinker Tuesday is every Tuesday in room 106 right next to the snack shack, so you can grab a snack and wait till Mrs. Davis comes. This is a chance to use tools you usually do not use in your classes, and a chance to have fun with your friends at the same time. Since Tinker Tuesday is just around the corner and starts in a few weeks, Mrs. Davis said we would start off with long term projects for the school year.

I’ve been going to Tinker Tuesday since I started at Chaffin, and it is a really fun way to end a day to do fun stuff with my friends and learn new things. I have learned a lot of things from Tinker Tuesday like coding, and morse code, even building my own kite to see if it would work. I also got better at 3d printing, and even used a 3d printer for a project and it helped me a lot since I knew what I was doing. Tinker Tuesday is a great opportunity to learn new things or get better at stuff you want to do. Don’t forget, it is every Tuesday in room 106, right after school at 3:15. I hope you will be there!