Partners Club – Where Everyone is a Friend


J. H, Writer

Have you ever heard of partners club? It’s a club where anyone can join to help with our friends who need extra help. If you like helping people and you want to help people for a living then this is the club for you.

Everyone is the same. If you’re black, if you’re white, or any other race. If your disabled, or if you learn different, we all bleed the same. It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, no one is better than another. Being in this club is beneficial for anyone who believes in equality. 

Come to one of the meetings and meet some of the amazing kids in Mrs. Foley’s classroom. Each and everyone of these kids have a special place in the world, our job is to let them know it. Not only let them know it, but show them. They need a better view of their future and we need to provide it.

To go on trips with these guys you need good grades. You can join with any grade you have. Just keep your grades up and you could go to Walmart with them, you could also go to  the Special Olympics! That’s my favorite part of the year.

The Special Olympics is a sport of the disabled kids in schools all over the state. They compete against each other. But here’s the secret: Everyone’s a winner at the Olympics. Don’t tell nobody I told you. Come support these kids and cheer them on.

It’s a great opportunity to be in partners club. This is a club that everyone should be in. Even if you are not in the club act like your in the club, make all students feel like they belong. Let them know that you’re their friend and they can talk to you whenever they need to talk to someone. They are human too, not to mention they are quirky teenagers just like me and you, and they need to have someone their age to talk to.

So you’re probably thinking: What’s the point of this article? The point is if you were in their place would you want someone your age standing by your side? Just think about that for a little bit. Everytime you see these children say hi or give them a smile and ask them hows it going. Not only will it make their day it will make you feel better as a person.