Everyone’s Favorite Math Teacher


Emily Linthavong, Writer

Math is studying numbers, shapes, and relationships between them. However, math is not always about just numbers. Mary Lovelady, at Chaffin Junior High, teaches eighth and ninth grade and views math differently than students do.  

Born in Illinois, but moved to Arkansas at the age of seven, Mary grew up with six brothers and six sisters. As the oldest, she knew she had to be responsible. Her grades in school were A’s in every subject. Her favorite was math out of all of them. Lovelady already knew what she wanted her future to be. Ever since 1997, Mary has been a math teacher for grades eight and nine. To get the degrees for her teaching license, Lovelady went to Arkansas State University located in Jonesboro, AR. She went to this college because it was close to her hometown. However, she had to move to Fayetteville because of her daughter going to U of A. This then lead her to teach at Chaffin. She believes Chaffin is the best and wanted to work there. Isn’t Chaffin the best?! Of course, Lovelady coming to our school is the best reason why! Due to the fact stated, Lovelady has been working at Chaffin as a math teacher for over three years.

Enough about school, Mary loves playing softball. She stated that she played throughout school and during her adult years for fun. Another interesting thing she does outside of school is traveling. Lovelady talked about how she only has five more states to visit in the United States to complete her exploring all 50 states. She stated that she would love to explore them and travel more than just the US. 

In conclusion, math is important as any other subject. Mary Lovelady is a perfect example of what a math teacher should act, teach, and be.