Chaffin Band!

Aidan Everhart, Writer

This year’s Chaffin band is a great group of students. With the 9th graders and the new 8th graders, this year’s band has a big sound. Last week was our first football game where the Chaffin Band played their first halftime show!

The first person I interviewed was Tyler Glasscock, who is a member of the Chaffin Drumline. Tyler is very enthusiastic about the band. He said, “It was fun. I just wished we would play more.” Being a band member myself I know that Mr. Mkissic and Mr. Palmer are doing their very best to get the music ready to be played. Tyler also said, “During the Halftime show we kinda fell apart, but just during the end.” I totally agree with him.

I also interviewed Raelynn Garibay. Raelynn enjoys band a lot. She says, “Band is a great opportunity to make friends.” I agree with her, I’ve made some of my closest friends in band.

The Chaffin band will be playing at every home game. The songs they have selected are Come Sail Away by Styx, Carry On My Wayward Son by the band Kansas, and Rosana by Toto. You can come see them play at the football games. You just need to know if it’s at Southside or Northside. We only have 9 more football games to play, so come down and see us before it’s too late!