All About Career Development


Izabelle Simonian, Writer

          Introducing… Career Development! Many of you may be asking, what is career development? Well, it’s a class that you take in the 8th grade which allows students to discover their talents, abilities, and what they enjoy doing. It consists of numerous activities, including aptitude tests and mind games to help you discover what field of jobs are best for you. 

          Mr. Smothers has been teaching career development for 3 years. Before he started teaching at his current job, he was hired as a science teacher, but he never connected. He stated to me, “When I graduated college, I started my masters classes to be a counselor, and I feel like this job allows me to have a similar role with students”. He enjoys teaching this class because, “Students learn a lot about themselves, and the goal is to introduce students to careers”. 

          Not only does this class teach about jobs, but everything needed to obtain one. You get to learn about the basics of using debit and credit cards, writing a resume, and even how to make your own website. And not just that, guests from many different companies and fields come to talk to us and explain their jobs. It is a great opportunity to discover what interests you, and what catches your attention. All-in-all, this class is a great way to prepare you for your future.