Volunteering Hours are In!

Emily Linthavong, Writer

National Junior Honors Society at Chaffin Junior High is now allowing freshmen to do volunteering hours! There are many ways to get your hours in. For example, students are allowed to sign up for snack shack duty after school. There are numerous ways to volunteer for NJHS and our community in general.

Our leaders, Darion Bond, Michael Benoit, and Sara Hattabaugh, told the students of NJHS that a student is required to have at least five hours of volunteering. Students are allowed to get volunteering hours by helping at a church in any way. However, students are also required to get at least an hour of tutoring at Chaffin Junior High. NJHS also allows students to help out in town like clean up the city of trash and help victims of the flood that occurred this summer. 

National Junior Honors Society is one of the most incredible organizations to be apart of at any school! Due to the fact stated, Chaffin Junior High supports and gives students the confidence to do volunteering hours. The more is the merrier, make sure to help out your community in any way you can!