Football Is Finally Here


Marissa Goodwin, Writer

It’s Football Time! Football is finally starting up again so you can now go watch our amazing football players. I asked a few of our freshman players all of the things they have to do for football and how they feel about football. I interviewed Sebastian Garcia- Linebacker, David Sorg- Quarterback, and T’kavion King- Running back. I think we should give our football players a lot more credit because they practice hard everyday after school until 5:30. 

Sebastian Garcia, number 64 on the field, would also like to play football in high school. He likes to play on the defense and his goal is to have two pick 6’s. A moment Sebastian will never forget is when he made a pick 6 in 8th grade. 

David Sorg, number 18, would like to play Football at Southside. He likes to play football with his friends and his goal is to go undefeated. A moment David will never forget is when he was in 8th and played in the 9th grade team and make a winning touchdown pass. 

T’kavion King, number 4, enjoys playing football because he likes to hit people. His goal is to make it in pro league. A moment Tay will never forget is when he made a 99 yard run. 

Don’t forget to go to all of the Chaffin games and support our school!