Chaffin Cheer Co-Captain Katelynn Gutierrez


Madi Tyler, Writer

Katelynn Gutierrez is the Cheer Co-Captain here at Chaffin. Not only may you see her performing at pep rallies or cheering on the crowds at football and basketball games, but you could also catch her playing both club and Northside soccer, or maybe at an NJHS meeting. Although it’s hard, Katelynn still balances cheer and maintaining good grades. This talented freshman plans on possibly cheering at Northside, going to college at OSU, and then becoming a plastic surgeon. But when it comes to cheer, her goal for the year is “to have the greatest possible.” 

When asked about what she’s most excited for, she responded with, “everybody is really skilled so I’m excited for performing.” She further explained, “This year we’re having a lot of fun and hopefully having an impact on the school. I hope people don’t think cheerleaders are the way they are in the movies (like how they’re snobby and rude), Chaffin Cheerleaders are here to create a better environment and to be kind to everyone.” Gutierrez also mentioned how, “cheer is important because we’re there to pep up the crowd and support our school.”

Want to support our school’s hard working cheer team? Come watch them perform pregame at football games every Thursday at 6:30!