What About Us

What About Us

Allie Fleming, Writer

What’s something that brings students together? Something that allows students to show others there is a hidden talent or something that they can do? Most schools have these, it allows students to show their school spirit in their way. How about a talent show? 

 A talent show allows students to show what amazing things they can do. When I first came here I thought that this school was amazing. I started to ask around if there was a talent show at the end of the year. Every answer came up the same, “No.” Why is that? Students have so much potential and can do astonishing things. Some of the students keep to themselves and they have something bewildering that they can do.

 While others are out there telling people about what they can do, but people still don’t listen. This could be a chance for students to show what they can do! Who knows? You could be the star of the school. So take the survey and show us what you got.