Why Tennis is Better than Other Sports?

Samantha Warren, Writer

You may not think that tennis is a sport that could save your life, but if we are looking at it in the long run, it is a sport that could save your life. You may think though that tennis is something that could wear out your knees or wear down your body after time, but it actually does not.

Playing other sports such as rugby, football, or running could help people to not live as long, but a study says that athletes who play with racquets are more likely to live as long. The athlete as an individual has a 47% less likely to die in the period of their time playing tennis (oxford university).

I am not saying that football or rugby is a bad sport to play, “ tennis is just a sport that keeps you healthy and fit,” but it does not have a negative impact for you when you are older.  Tennis is not only good for your physical body in the long run it is also good for your mind. The reason for this is because when your playing tennis it is very stress relieving and helps you feel more calm while playing.

Also your bone health is strengthened during your time of playing tennis.  The reason for this is because over the years of your life your bone mass starts to decrease but, if you play tennis it can slow the rate of bone mass (health fitness revolution).

Tennis overall is a great sport to play and I highly encourage you to play it if you are not already involved in a sport and you would love to be. The tennis season is currently going this next month or two so your perfect chance to give it a shot is now.