Secretary Isabelle Low


Marissa Goodwin, Writer

At Chaffin our officers for student council are amazing. Our 9th grade secretary is Isabelle Low. As secretary she will have to keep track of everything that goes on during their meetings. Also her favorite thing about student council in general is helping students in our school and other people in the community. However, there are not a lot of people who join student council, so it is a smaller group than she would like. Isabelle has been on the student council for all of her three years at Chaffin and she has so much fun being a member. 

Some interesting things about Isabelle is that she is also in NJHS, Quiz Bowl, and Charmers. Isabelle loves being involved at Chaffin and all the things we have to offer. Her favorite subject is English, this is because she loves to read. In her free time she likes to watch Netflix or read. 

Don’t forget to appreciate our student council representatives and officers. They do so much for our school and us.