Join Swim Team


Jess Minnick, Writer/Photographer

The Fort Smith Tideriders is a great place to go after school. You swim for only an hour and a half and sometimes you get to do fun games like Sharks and Minnows. The coaches that teach are very helpful and kind. My coach that I have now, Tom Bullock, is one of my favorite coaches. He teaches the younger kids like bronze and he also teaches my group. My group that I am in right now, is the high school group, Gold. Gold is the highest group you can be in. It is also the fastest group you can be in.

The middle group is Silver, with Coach David. He is one of the best coaches you’ll ever have. He taught me everything I needed to know about Swim team. All the strokes, all the techniques, and all the dives.

Swim team isn’t just about swimming. It is about the hard work and effort you put in to it. It is about teamwork and the lifelong friends you make there. I met one of my best friends there. I’ve known her for four long years now. We’ve done meets together for two years. Meets are like competitions. You go to race other swimmers in the region. It’s very exciting. I definitely recommend swim team. Especially the Fort Smith Tideriders, they have amazing coaches, great teams, and you make the most terrific friends.