Spider-Man leaving the MCU?


Izabelle Simonian, Writer

We have seen some incredible actors grace our screens including the beautiful duo Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr., but what happens when suddenly – they split? That is right. Spider-Man and Ironman are no longer going to be able to astound viewers from across the nation. Sony and Marvel have decided to separate, and the public is not happy.

Spider-Man Far From Home just recently came out on digital, and will come out with Bluray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD on October 1st following the tremendous scandal between the two companies. As of now, the movie has grossed $1.128 billion, which puts it as one of the top films ever produced by Sony. In the events leading toward the split, Disney had asked for a 50/50 share in future Spider-Man movies, but with it being Sony’s biggest film, their deal didn’t budge. 


When Tom Holland signed on to play Spider-Man, there was an agreement between the two companies where Sony had to produce a new Spider-Man movie every few years so that they could keep the rights. Although the two have split, it is certain that there will be at least a few more film starring the actor. According to Deadline, Sony is hoping that director Jon Watts returns for the rest of the Spider-Man movies. Unless the two companies compromise a deal, Marvel Studios and producers will not be involved, which also means that no MCU characters are allowed to appear in the movies to come. 


Not having some of the most important characters in the film is going to be tough. Disney has zero plans to include its characters in the new movies. Happy Hogan, Tony Stark, Flash Thompson, Aunt May, and Ned Leeds are just a few that we really hope might appear in upcoming movies, even though there is only a slight chance they will. As of now, there are no updates concerning the agreement, or whether or not any discussions are being held. 


The deal is not great for Marvel, but brings incredible opportunities for Sony. For them, this is a step in a brand new direction. With all the success and money the previous Spider-Man movies have brought Sony, they are in for a real treat. As said in The Wrap, Tom Holland has starred in five films that have grossed over $8 billion combined across the entire world. If the next few movies starring Holland are as successful as the previous ones, this will be a great loss for Marvel. No matter what happens in the cinematic universe, we will love all the new characters and movies 3000, and hope to see more fantastic films in the future.