Kid shows you’ve Forgotten


Jazmyn Hauser, Writer

Remember when you  were a kid? You had that one T.V show you always watched. You never wanted to leave the television because it was so good. Even your mom and dad, yes, those ancient people, had a favorite childhood T.V show. These T.V shows go from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood to Bubble Guppies. If you loved T.V as a kid then this is an article for you.

Raelynn Garibay says her favorite childhood T.V show was and still is, The Backyardigans. She liked this show because it was fun to watch. Her favorite character was Austin. Austin is the kangaroo. The backyardigans is basically about five colorful animal friends who go on imaginary journeys. All of their journeys are in their backyard.

I also interviewed Aidan Everhart who says his favorite childhood T.V show was and still is Spongebob SquarePants. It’s his favorite because his dad watched it a lot and Aidan got obsessed with it and thought it was really funny. His favorite character is Spongebob. Spongebob SquarePants is about this Sponge and his best friend Patrick Star. They like to go jelly fish hunting and annoying their neighbor Sqiudward. Spongebob works in a restaurant called the Krusty Krab. The owner is Eugene Krabs. He loves money and hates spending his money on things he needs. The conflict of the T.V show is Plankton, because he tries to steal the secret formula.

Mrs. Macy, our journalism teacher says her  favorite T.V show was Saved By the Bell. She liked it because it had drama and really cute guys, plus it always taught a lesson and ended happy. She also thought it was really funny.  When she was younger she would play pretend Saved By the Bell at school and the girls would argue over who got to play Kelly because she was really pretty. 

Mrs. Tierra said that her favorite T.V show was Wonder Woman. She liked it because Wonder Woman was beautiful and smart and super cool. Mrs. Tierra even had her barbie doll. Wonder Woman had this invisible plane and went wherever she wanted. She had a pass to go to her world and live on Earth. 

Our childhood is made up by our favorite things. T.V shows we watched as a kid typically show part of your character. Dora shows that you are most likely to be adventurous. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood shows that you are most likely to humble yourself and look for good in the world. There’s so much about our favorite T.V shows that bring out our inner selves.