Partners in Christ


Bri French, Writer

     Are you Christian? Do you not have enough time to go to church? Look no further than the Partners in Christ club at Chaffin. Partners in Christ is an organization to give Christin students a chance to worship and learn about Jesus. 

     Partners in Christ meets every Friday morning in the tornado shelter at Chaffin junior high. Mr.Litchford, one of our 8th-grade history teachers, leads the Chaffin Partners in Christ club. 

     Partners in Christ gives a place of belonging to students. The speakers talk about subjects that students relate to, to help them in everyday topics. It also gives students a place to collaborate with peers about their same religious beliefs. There is always something for the students and adult participants to take from the lessons taught.

     Most speakers a student might see will be Youth Pastors associated with a local church. Ajay, a former speaker at a previous meeting, and had said, “as Christians, they are set apart, living a life reflected from the life that Christ lived.”