Getting to Know Mrs. Pixley

Raelynn Garibay, Writer

Mrs. Pixley is a new teacher here at Chaffin. She teaches 7th grade in Arkansas History. She has been teaching for 13 years. She has always taught Social Studies and Science and this is her first year teaching  Arkansas history. She started teaching here because she wanted to teach at a higher grade. However, she doesn’t think that she will teach anything above 7th grade. “It’s a lot of fun teaching 7th graders as we explore the state together,” she says. She has taught at Cook Elementary for 12 years. She really likes Chaffin so far. She loves the teachers, the students, and the atmosphere.

Right now the students in her class are learning about the Louisiana Purchase and the exploration of the United States. Maybe you’ve seen her at an athletic event because she works at some of them such as volleyball games, football games, and basketball games. Not just at Chaffin, but for a lot of the other schools in the district. Her favorite subjects when she was in Junior High was boys and band. That’s just a little bit about Mrs. Pixley, who is a very good teacher. I got the opportunity to help her during the transition to success and I had a lot of fun. I think the 7th graders are pretty lucky to have Mrs. Pixley as a teacher.