Top 10 Players in the NBA


Tyler Glasscock, Writer

10 Top Players in the NBA

(or the perfect NBA Team, starters, and bench)


  1. Kyrie Irving – Kyrie Irving, aka Uncle Drew is currently one of the top 3 point guards in the NBA. He is competing with Steph Curry, and Russell Westbrook for the number one spot. Kyrie can shoot mid range and the deep ball, has some of the most mad handles the game has ever seen, and can be very crafty when finishing at the rim against much taller defenders, Kyrie can do it all, but he’s only number 10.


  1. Joel Embiid – Joel Embiid is my top 2 center in the NBA, behind Anthony Davis without a doubt. It’s obvious how important he is to the young Philadelphia 76ers with his all around shooting game, his ability to post up ANYBODY under the paint, and what he does on the defensive end for the 76ers averaging 1.8 blocks this year, while being on a team with Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, Ben Simmons, JJ Reddick, any many other scorers. This year he’ll be teaming up with former Celtics big man, Al Horford, to form maybe the best big man duo the league may ever see.


  1. Russell Westbrook – Russell Westbrick, (whoops sorry Thunder fans) is known as Mr. Triple Double. And don’t underestimate the name, he is one all around player who can shoot the ball…sometimes, but he’s one of the fastest players in the NBA, he is one of, if not the best finisher and the rim with his crafty moves and powerful dunks, he can defend really any guard in the league, and Mr. Triple Double has averaged a triple double for 3 seasons in a row! He also now holds the all time record for most triple doubles in a season with 38 passing the “Big O” Oscar Robertson and that’s some pretty good company! We’ll see how he plays with James Harden this year. Hopefully they can share the ball.
  1. (Snake) Kevin Durant – Kevin Durant aka “Cupcake” or “Snake” is one of, if not the greatest scorer right now in the NBA, that was till he ruptured his Achilles in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals vs. the Toronto Raptors. But before he was injured KD was one of the top 3 players in the NBA no question. He’s averaged 27 points for his career while playing with people like Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson, who are all scorers and sometimes have trouble sharing the ball, but KD will be a Hall of Fame Player for one of the most impressive all around games the league has ever seen, having the ability to score basically anywhere if you give him one inch of space, and having the ability to guard anybody on the court. He’s a seven foot small forward for crying out loud. Whenever he comes back from injury Durant and Kyrie will be one of the best duos EVER…next season.


  1. LeBron James – LeBron is the 2nd greatest players of all time behind MJ and it’s obvious as to why, ever since he entered the league he’s always been great even in year 16 he’s scoring 50 points! LeBron is a 3 time NBA Champ, 4 time MVP, 3 time Finals MVP, 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist, and 15 time all star. He can do EVERYTHING and guard any position, he can run the offense score from anywhere on the court, is a strong finisher at the rim with acrobatic layups and jaw dropping dunks, and it’s hard for anyone to stop him when he’s on a roll. Hopefully he signs with San Antonio in a few years.
  2. James Harden (flopper) – James Harden is definitely something else heck he’s got one of the longest beards a man can ever grow how does he eat!?!?! Anyway James is pretty special he is one of the best 3 point shooters the league has ever seen and can shoot anywhere against everybody, even though he travels to make space from his opponents and falls down acting to try and get foul, so all he really can do is act. 
  1. Steph Curry – How can you not put Steph Curry on this list he the greatest 3 point shooter EVER no doubt he will pull up from anywhere and it always has a chance to go in no matter what. He can also use his handles to get anywhere, and around anybody. If you put a ball in Steph Curry’s hand you better be 1 millimeter on him because he’ll pull up and it’ll go in. He has crafty and acrobatic finishes at the rim, and obviously is the greatest shooter of all time. From mid range shots and half court bombs he is easily the greatest shooter of all time. 


  1. Anthony Davis – Anthony Davis aka “The Brow” is the NBA’s best big man without a doubt, there isn’t a part of his game that is missing he can can do it all. He’s a 6’10 monster that can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court, post up ANYBODY and dunk on them, and on the defensive end can guard the entire paint with his 7’6 wingspan! This year he’ll be sharing the ball with LeBron James so that should be a duo that’ll rule this league.


  1. Kawhi Leonard (traitor) – Look as a Spurs fan this is hard to admit, but I’m not going to be bias. Kawhi Leonard (traitor) alright I’m done. Kawhi Leonard has the best 2 way game that the game has ever seen with the ability to literally do everything. There is nothing missing from his game. He has one of the best mid range shots in the league with 3 points right now, he can shoot the 3 though and can use his moves to get around any defender and finish with some of the most acrobatic finishes ever. He is a 2 time NBA Champion, 2 time Finals MVP, won back to back Defensive Player of the Year awards, and if you saw his defensive you would know why. Kawhi can literally guard anybody no matter their height, speed or whatever stats there are, he has one of the biggest pair of hands EVER. He currently averages 1.8 steals per year and what’s scary is he’s only 28 years old and hasn’t reached his prime yet. We’ll see how he does this year on the LA Clippers with Paul George.
  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo  – Giannis Antetokounmpo is the leagues best player currently after having a year where he won the MVP award. Giannis or “The Greek Freak” has one of the longest last names and one of the best games. Giannis can do it all and says he has plenty of room to improve, he can shoot but definitely needs to work on it and has been taking shooting lessons from Kyle Korver that should scare the league. But Giannis can control the paint 24/7 against anyone with his ability to post up and dunk all over them. Giannis is fast and can get from end of the court to the other pretty fast. He has some jaw dropping dunks almost every game, such as jumping from the free throw line, posters almost a players from every team, and has one of the best windmill dunks I’ve ever seen, and that’s just on offense. On defense Giannis controls the paint all night it’s a nightmare for anyone even thinking about trying to drive on him. He can block anybody, centers, guards you name it he can guard it. He averaged 1.5 blocks this season and his career high is 3 blocks. Giannis is only going to get better and he’s only 24 and going into his seventh season! Giannis will be the world’s best player within a few years.