Tyler Glasscock Wins Competition on NBA Court

Tyler Glasscock, Writer

So the day that I started writing this it is October 3rd, 2019, and I will be leaving for San Antonio on October 5th right after school. I am very excited to go to San Antonio because I’m going to the San Antonio Spurs vs the Orlando Magic basketball game. But I’m not going for just the game. No, I’m going to compete in a 3 point contest on the Spurs’ court before the game and shoot free throws on the court. I have the privilege to do this because I went to a basketball camp over the summer and qualified to compete in this contest with a score of 8 3 pointers in a minute! But even better I held the top score in the country and currently still do! 

So I’m preparing very hard for this contest. I actually managed to get the keys to my brother’s school, so I can go there every day and have the entire gym to myself! I bring my basketball, get behind my three point line and shoot, shoot, shoot. I’m very excited to compete in this competition and you may even see me on TV.

The day I’m now writing this is October 7th 2019, and I’m back from San Antonio with nothing, but positive news! I went to the AT&T Center around 12:30 to compete in my contest, I got shoot on the court for an hour before the contest even started, and I’m the only 14 year old in the WORLD to say they’ve dunked on the Spurs court. You wonder what I mean, well I’ll tell you. So during warm ups a ball got stuck on the rim, and we didn’t know how to get it down, so I proceeded to grab the net, pull up on the rim, hang on the rim with one hand, grab the basketball with my other hand, and dunk it!

Now on to the contest. I competed against other 14 year olds, so the first round ended in a tie with me and someone else from Mexico. For the tiebreaker I went first and within a minute I scored 8 high school 3 pointers! I set the bar pretty high and didn’t think it could be beat, and it wasn’t. The person I was tied with scored only 4 shots and I had won my division. I also set the high score overall with my 8 shots.  It was the experience of a lifetime and something I will never ever forget and I’m very grateful for that opportunity. Hopefully you will see me in the NBA in a few years.