The Perfect TikTok

Emily Linthavong, Writer

TikTok is an app that allows anyone to post about comedy, dances, singing, and content. The app was originally, but then a new company bought and turned it into what it is now. 2018 was the year whenever TikTok became more famous. Ever since we have all been addicted! Let me break it down for you on how to make the perfect TikTok


  1. Have perfect lighting! One of the first things you must have to achieve the perfect TikTok is to have good lighting on your camera. TikTok videos are all about quality and lighting. Golden hour is better for like transitions or talking videos. If you were dancing, any room lighting that is bright is good. You don’t want to be bullied in the comments on your phone quality.
  2. Watch the audio beforehand! Whenever making a transition or any dance video, make sure you know when the song is going to start. It’s really funny if you don’t come in on time, but aim to know whenever the beat is going to start or drop. When making transitions, make sure they are smooth turns to the audio you choose. In addition, use audios that are popular, so you can show up on someones’ For You page.
  3. Do not add so many effects! When adding too many effects the video seems all over the place. Try only adding effects when needed like face tracking, distorted, or bling. Too many effects will make fewer people like or comment on your video. Sometimes too many effects are funny to some people but not everyone.
  4. Write a Good Caption! Before posting your Tiktok, think about a good caption. For example, something funny, cheesy, or something related to your Tiktok. Most of the time people like the video because of the caption is funny or something, try to aim for that!
  5. Use Hashtags! Add hashtags to ending up on someone’s For You page. Use hashtags like #fyp, #foryou, #foryoupage, and whatever effects you use on the Tiktok. If you did a challenge that is a trend, make sure you use the hashtag for it, therefore, you can get likes and comments. For instance, #facetrackingchallenge, #jokeisonyou, #deepthoughts, and more that are trending at the moment. 
  6. Add a good filter for your complexion! You do not want to use your phone camera quality on every single video, spice it up with a filter. For example, G6 is a nice filter for all types of videos. Many people have said that B6 makes brown-eyed people’s eyes brighter than they are.
  7. At (@) Your friends! If you made a Tiktok with your friends, make sure you at (@) them. Instead of one person getting clout and be Tiktok famous, everyone should. It is so funny whenever people make Tiktoks with their friends. Everyone wants to be Tiktok famous, don’t lie!