Get to know Andrew Diaz


Raelynn Garibay, Writer

I’m sure you have heard of Andrew, let me clarify it is not Andrew Bone or Andrew Heras, it is the one and only Andrew Diaz. I’m here to tell you all about him and his band life. It all started when he had to pick electives. He wanted to do only music electives, but he was extremely insecure in his voice which left band and orchestra. At first, he was in both band and orchestra, but for his own reasons, he left the orchestra and is only in the band now. He has stayed in band for three years. He wants to continue to do band next year. He is undecided on which high school to go to next year because he wants to see which band will give him more opportunities. When he’s older he wants to do something in the arts and feels that being in percussion is his way into that. 

If he wouldn’t have done percussion he probably would’ve tried to play the saxophone. He’s glad that he picked percussion and he feels like the whole section is like a family. He likes being a section leader because of the feeling of people coming up to him when they need help with music. He didn’t always love band but after being in it for three years he grew to love it and it became his favorite thing. He loves a lot about it but would only change one thing. “If I could change something about band I would get rid of Daniel,” he says while laughing. He was joking, of course, at least I think he was. The thing he would really change is the fact that the eighth graders march with the ninth graders. Although, he has nothing against the newly marching eighth-graders he feels that if the ninth graders marched by themselves the band would look like they have more experience.

He doesn’t ever get overwhelmed with band and school mixing, but he does get paranoid when he thinks that people will beat him. He is a very, very competitive person and finds himself playing which inspires him to just keep playing. He says, “I think Kanye West has helped me a lot with my musical endeavors.” That’s everything about Andrew Diaz and his band life.