Meet some Majorettes


Raelynn Garibay, Writer

What is a majorette? A majorette is a baton twirler that makes routines to go with the band’s songs. I got up and close with Laynee Graham who is a majorette. She, of course, loves being a majorette, but being a majorette has its pros and cons. She loves being able to be on a team with some of her closest friends. She thinks that being a majorette is a fun experience and is something she can do in high school. She doesn’t like having to run laps and accidentally hitting herself with her baton. If she could she would change the uniforms and the bows. Although she does love the uniform for the games she thinks that they are really uncomfortable in the heat. She doesn’t really like the bows because she thinks they make her look like a four-year-old. “Being a majorette takes a lot of patience,” she says.

The next person I interviewed is the only returning majorette, Abigail Barnett. Her favorite routine this year is Come Sail Away. She hates running laps. She wanted to be a majorette again because she didn’t want to march and she really likes being part of a team. She likes the halftime uniform a lot more than the game-day uniform. She would rather have gold bows than white bows, but she is okay with the bows. Her most favorite thing is just being able to twirl her batons. She would change it to where there were captains. “Twirling is a lot of fun especially when you do it with friends,” she says.