What is More Spooky, Halloween Day as a Kid or Teen?


Emily Linthavong, Writer

Halloween is fun for all ages. As a kid, you could receive more candy, however, as a teen, everything is different because you are all “grown-up.” What was more fun on Halloween day, as a child or teen? Let’s answer that spooky question!

As a kid, you could dress up as anything you wanted. Ranging from a Disney princess or prince, a scarecrow, a superhero, or something you thought would be funny like a toilet paper roll! We were all extremely clueless about what to be for Halloween, but that is what made it enjoyable. Going door-to-door, we were able to get free candy from anyone based on our costume, what our height was, and how high our voice was. 

As time went on, we eventually got older and thought Halloween was only for a kid. What do you do once you are a teen on Halloween day anyways? Most teens are most likely to just hang out with their friends. One of the many activities teenagers chose is watching a scary movie marathon, visiting the haunted house in town, or even getting lost in a corn maze! It is all fun but they never think about the old days of going trick-or-treating throughout the city. Neighbors might not give you candy because of how old you are, but who cares, they truly do not know. This is the one day you can get free candy, take your time as a kid again! 

In the end, Halloween will always be fun no matter what age you are! You only live once so go trick-or-treating, throw a costume party. While you are at it, host a pretend murder mystery party! Believe whatever you want, Halloween was for sure better as a kid, pinky promise.