Top Ten Halloween Candies!

Abi Barnett, Writer

Halloween is coming up in a few days, and people are looking for the perfect candy to hand out to fellow children and teens or maybe adults. So here is a list of my top ten favorite Halloween candy that is a must to have in your Halloween bucket.

  1. Hershey Milk Chocolate. Nothing beats one of the originals in your Halloween bucket.  As a young child, I would always love to look in my bucket and see a king-size Hershey bar. 
  2. Reese’s Peanut butter chocolate. If you have a peanut allergy I am truly sorry you are missing out on this amazing piece of candy. Having this in your Halloween bucket will make everyone want to trade with you. Trust me once you pull this out everyone will be wanting it.
  3. Kit Kats. “Break me up a piece of that KitKat bar.”- Chance The Rapper. Almost everyone has heard that little jingle in the Kitkat commercial. The crispy wafer and the chocolate surrounding it, make it delectably good. And if you do not break your Kitkat’s separately, there is a problem.
  4. Blow pops. These are the best lollipops ever, and if you can name another you should make a comment. Whenever I go door to door, or just buy candy for myself I have to have this in my shopping cart. My favorite part about having this candy around, it’s always the one to run out.
  5. M&M Chocolate candies. This is by far the best for people having parties. This is a must to put in your candy bowls. They are small and easy to handle, and barely make a mess which is good for people who are messy eaters.
  6. Skittles. If you are looking for something sweet or sour, then skittles are for you. There are a bunch of skittles out there, but I prefer the sour ones and the original because they taste better.
  7. Sour patch kids. A lot of people like sour patch kids these days, and they are pretty decent to me. They are sour and sweet, which is why I like them, and maybe you would too.
  8. Butterfingers. If you are allergic to peanuts, then sorry again. This candy bar is really good, and it has a nice crunch because of the peanuts. If you are a peanut lover, then this is for you.
  9. Smarties. Almost everyone I know loves smarties, especially when they receive them in school for doing a good job. These candies are easy and affordable since you can find them at any store ever. Even if you are handing them out for fun, these are good candies to hand out.
  10. Dots. No matter how many houses you stop by for Halloween, these candies are always in your basket. I don’t really like Dots, but they are perfect for people who have peanut allergies. So if you do not know what top hand out for people who have allergies, and wanna stay in the safe zone buy these.