What is the Favorite Halloween Candy?

Allie Fleming, Writer

What is the best candy to have during Halloween? Some may say it’s snickers, others Hershey’s. But what is the top candy that all kids look for in their Halloween bag. It’s all different for everyone, but what makes our favorite Halloween candy?

 Is it the crunchiness, The way it’s shaped, Or what it has in it? Maybe it’s the way it tastes with all the ingredients coming together after taking that first bite. Maybe it’s a harder candy something that you have to wait for. Savor the flavor more than taking a bite. 

Suckers could just be your thing, your maybe not even a candy bar or hard candy person. No, you could the sucker guy/girl. Sugar on a stick is what I call it. You are probably willing to trade that king-size Hershey bar for an entire stash of those Dum Dum suckers or maybe Blow Pops. Answer the form below to find out what is the favorite candy to get at Halloween.