Linebacker, Blake Pinkston


Emily Linthavong, Writer

With only a few more games left, football is coming to an end. We know most of the football players now, but let’s get to know Blake Pinkston. 

Blake Pinkston has been playing football for nine years. At the moment, he is a linebacker for Chaffin’s football team, number 34. Before joining Chaffin’s team, he played at a local boys and girls club and decided to continue playing at school instead. Pinkston wants to become a coach in the future instead of playing for a career. He does want to continue playing throughout high school, however. A weakness of Pinkston is every time he messes up during a game or practice, he gets annoyed at himself. One of the many reasons he likes playing football is enjoying the great outdoors with his team. Off-topic, one person he looks up to is his mother. Blake stated that his mom has worked hard to provide for his family and him. Pinkston would like to attend the University of Oklahoma (OU).  To get a chance to attend, his main goal this year is to keep a 3.5 or higher GPA and play hard in football. He genuinely wants to join OU due to the university would benefit him both in academics and football reasons. 

Other than football and school, Blake Pinkston is like any other teenager. He likes to play video games in his free time like most students. November 23 was the day Blake came to the world. He was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The youngest child of two older siblings. Pinkston’s favorite subject is math due to math is fun for him. However, he dislikes science. 

In the end, Blake Pinkston is a good and kind student and athlete. Go and make your way to support the last few games of Chaffin’s freshman football team on Thursdays at 6:30!