Charmer Captain & Stuco Vice President Alli Atchley


Madi Tyler, Writer

     Alli Atchley is a freshman here at Chaffin that is always working her hardest and super involved, in both academic and extracurricular activities. Atchley’s the Captain of Chaffin’s dance team, the Chaffin Charmers, Vice President of Student Council, and a member of NJHS and FCA. As you can tell, Atchley’s schedule is jam-packed, from Charmer practices, to challenging Pre-AP homework, to both monthly and weekly meetings to keep up with.

     Not only is Alli Atchley already occupied with school organizations and classes, but she’s also pressed with several after-school studio dance classes. When asked if it’s ever hard to balance school, dance, and clubs, Atchley quickly replied with, “Yes every single day! It’s so freakin’ hard! Like I’m about to cry thinking about it, I’m not even joking.” I guess you could say her daily itinerary can get pretty stressful! 

     But even with the added stress of time management, she loves all of the clubs she gets to be apart of. Atchley especially recommends FCA, exclaiming that, “everybody needs a dose of Jesus!” This talented Charmer Captain also suggests trying out for our school’s drill team. “You should try out for charmers because it’s so fun and a great experience. You make so many new friends, too,” she said with excitement. 

     Want to be more involved here at Chaffin? Try taking Atchley’s advice by trying some of the recommended clubs and organizations!