Optimist Club

Have you heard of the optimist club, if you haven’t I will tell you why you should be involved. I interviewed Andrea Hensley(Andi) so we can get a view on what’s it about. A few questions I asked her were when she joined optimist club, why she joined optimist club, her favorite thing to do in optimist club, and her least favorite thing in optimist club. Andi first joined optimist club about a month ago, and her favorite thing to do in optimist club is make things for cancer patients.

 I thought this was really nice since it is breast cancer awareness month, and many people struggle with cancer. The other question I asked Andi, was why she joined optimist club. Andi stated, “ I joined because there were a lot of things going on in my life, and I wanted to help people dealing with problems.” Andi’s least favorite thing in optimist club is nothing since she likes it very much.  I asked Andi if she had anything else to say, and she said: “You should really join optimist club.” Optimist club starts every second or third Monday of each month after school in Mrs. Tilley’s room.