Charlotte Wood Student Council Officer


Madi Tyler, Writer

      “I think student council is really important because it’s like students get to be the voice of the school and so we get to share the message that the student body wants. I think it’s important to have student led leadership,” says Wood. Charlotte Wood is a freshman here at Chaffin, and is involved in Student Council, NJHS, FCA, and Chaffin Charmers. In Student Council, Charlotte’s role is the social media representative. This means that she runs Chaffin’s official social media accounts, helps plan events, and attends officer meetings.

     But this isn’t Charlotte’s first rodeo! Charlotte’s been in Student Council for four years in total. While she was in third grade at Union Christian Academy and in sixth grade at Woods she was a student council representative. Charlotte joined Chaffin’s Student Council in her eighth grade year. “I joined student council when I was in eighth grade because I wanted to be more involved in the school and I wanted to join something that I thought had an important part in Chaffin,” Wood explained to me as we sat outside the art door.

     However, Wood was quick to explain that it can be hard to balance both extracurricular and academic activities. But Charlotte also indicated that Student Council is very accommodating with her busy schedule, stating, “Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with scheduling things, like after school practice, meetings, and homework after school, but the Student Council leaders are good with being flexible.” 

     Wood also happily shared some more of the benefits of Student Council, “You should join student council because it is so fun and you have so many fun memories, like going caroling or our Christmas breakfast. Student council is one of the best organizations that I have been a part of and I think everyone should join!” You heard it here folks, next year you should join Student Council!