Holiday To-Do List

Madi Tyler, Writer

       The holiday season is so busy, being filled with tons of different things to do. Not sure which ones to do or where to start? Whether it’s by yourself or with friends, try some of the activities listed below!

    • Build a Gingerbread House- you can take this a step further by getting some friends together and making it a competition!
    • Put Up Decorations in your Room/House- this includes lights, a tree, garland, stockings, etc.
    • Bake Cookies/Other Christmas Desserts- you can go all out as much as you want, but if you’re like me and not very good at baking, you can always grab some cookie dough at a store or make peppermint bark to keep it simple.
    • Decorate Christmas Cookies- all you need is some store-bought cookies and icing and you’re all set!
    • Blast Some Christmas Music- although I’d prefer doing this with friends on a car ride, you can also put on some headphones or play it out loud while doing some of these listed activities.
    • Have a Movie Marathon- from Elf, to How the Grinch Stole Christmas, to Home Alone, these movies are great to watch to get into the Christmas spirit!
    • Make Some Hot Chocolate- it’s the perfect drink to have while watching Christmas movies!
    • Drive Around to Look at Lights- once it’s dark outside, simply drive around some neighborhoods with plenty of Christmas lights!
    • Go Ice Skating- all you have to do is drive out to the nearest ice skating rink (and, of course, try not to fall).
    • Buy Some Christmas Pajamas- you can even try to get matching PJs with someone else. (bonus- get some fun Christmas socks or an ugly Christmas sweater too!)
    • Make a Christmas List- this can include brands/stores you like, stocking stuffer ideas, pictures as examples, whatever you want!
    • Go Christmas Shopping- you can’t forget to give to others! Plus, another activity you can make out of this is wrapping them.
    • Light a Fire- get the fireplace ready and grab a few blankets to stay warm in the winter weather!
    • Build a Fort- grab all the blankets and pillows and make the fort as big as you want!
    • Play in the Snow- if it happens to snow, you can build a snowman, sled, have a snowball fight, make snow cones out of it etc., but don’t eat any of the yellow snow!
    • Donate to the Less Fortunate- there’s plenty of charities around this time of giving that you can help out, so go support one!